Slate River Farms
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Now Animal Welfare Approved and certified Grass Fed by A Greener World!


Welcome to Slate River Farms.

We are a small family farm, focusing on pasture-raised farm products that are healthy and humanely raised. We pride ourselves on our integrative, rotational grazing system; giving the animals, and the land, the best nutrition possible.

Everything on our farm works together

The fields dictate the cattle herd grazing, the herd dictates the chickens in their Eggmobiles foraging behind them, and the pasture springs to life; sometimes to be baled for Food on cold, winter days. each aspect of our farm helps others become their best. It’s integrated, rotational grazing and nature at work.


Our "POULTRY IN MOTION" Pastured chicken

When chickens are raised outside on fresh pasture, they enjoy the benefits of what nature intended for them:  sunshine and a high variety diet.  These busy chickens plump up on the goodness of our pasture and in turn give us not only a nutritionally dense meal, but a superior tasting experience.  You'll love our pasture-raised, non-GMO Poultry in Motion chickens! Free delivery for egg customers!


Our "Peck of the coop" Pastured Eggs

Our hens are out on pasture everyday as part of our integrative, rotational grazing system.  They follow the beef herd, love eating grass, chasing insects, and taking dust baths. We feed them only non-GMO, locally grown and milled, feed.  Hens out on pasture lay eggs with an extremely high nutritional content.  These golden yokes will fuel your day.   You'll love our pasture-raised, non-GMO Peck of the Coop eggs!   Free delivery to the Saratoga Springs/Schuylerville area. Sign up and we’ll let you know if we come out your way!

1st herd in grass 2017

Our "Grass Guzzling" Beef

Grass Guzzling Beef!  Cows raised on fresh pasture provide a power packed nutritional panel.  We move our Grass Guzzling Beef each and every day to fresh grass as the first move in our rotational grazing system.  This allows them to graze as nature intended!  Get the most out of your meals with our 100% grass-fed beef.   Free delivery for egg customers!

Dairy Barn

Our Roots

The Lovenduski Family began farming in the early 1900's (on Burlington Island, New Jersey) after young Joseph Lovenduski skipped his boat ride back to Poland while visiting the United States.  Through four generations, the farm has grown and moved and is now located in rolling Washington County in Upstate New York. We love our land, we love our animals, and we know you'll love our products!

Loading Hay

Dry Hay & Rye Straw

Big squares (3x3x8)  Call 518-258-3859 (Eric)

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our mission

At slate river farms, we strive to bring the best pasture-raised products to our customers.  

we focus on raising animals in the sunshine and rolling green grasses as part of an integrative, rotational grazing system.

it's better for them, and it's better for you!