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We are down-right proud of all of the products we have to offer you. Our blood, sweat and tears goes into making our farm an integrated, sustainable system. We do this by rotationally grazing all of our animals in harmony with our fields and farm land. All products are non-GMO and meet or exceed any humanely raised standards out there. We strive to give our animals the best possible everything as we are humbled by what they give us in turn. When you buy your meat and eggs from Slate River Farms, you can be assured you are not only eating food you can feel good about, but are eating some of the best quality food out there for your busy body!


Fresh, Pastured Eggs

Lush pasture, tasty bugs and locally grown non-GMO feed for these ladies! The flock follows the cow herd in mobile coops as part of our rotational grazing system. They are truly happy hens: outside doing their thing all day, every day. Animal Welfare Approved


Pastured Whole Chickens

Lush pasture, tasty bugs, lots of room to behave like a chicken and locally grown non-GMO feed.

I’m sporting the adult small, she’s wearing the children’s medium

I’m sporting the adult small, she’s wearing the children’s medium


Adult zip up hoodies and children’s pullovers are here! Get SRF geared up and show your support for farms.


Pastured, 100% Grassfed Beef

On to a new slice of pasture everyday. “Fat and Happy” truly describes this herd! Certified 100% Grass Fed and Animal Welfare Approved. No antibiotics or funny business. Free choice certified organic minerals and sea kelp. The leaders in our rotational grazing system. SPECIAL: Purchase 100lbs of ground beef for $6.75 per pound! Grab some friends/family and go for it!