Grass-Guzzling Beef


100% pastured, grass-fed beef The herd is on grass and loving it, so will you…get some today!

Fill out what you are looking to purchase below and we will get back to you via e-mail to confirm your order, verify purchase amount (cash, check, venmo, or paypal), and set up free delivery (for orders over $100) or on farm pick-up (1930 County Route 113 Greenwich, NY 12834). You can also pick-up your order at the Farmers’ Market.

Prices per cuts are listed below. Fill out comment field if looking for bulk order of quarter, half, or full cow.

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Delivery Address
All ground beef comes in one pound packages
Approximately 2-2.5 pound steaks
Approximately 1 pound each
Approximately 2 pounds each
Approximately 4 pounds each
Approximately 4 pounds each. If you want to specify eye of round, top round or bottom round, please do in the comment field. If not, they are all delicious and we'll grab a good one for you!
Approximately 7 pounds. This is for that special dinner...grab it while it's available!!
There are other cuts available, including brisket, stew meat, soup bones, etc. Just drop a line and we'll connect with you to get you what you're looking for!